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The Numerical Tarot III

A New Tarot Paradigm!
The Numerical Tarot is a tarot deck unlike any other. First of all, it is NOT a clone of the Rider/Waite/Smith deck! And, it does NOT derive its card meanings from astrology, alchemy, qabalah or any other occult or new age sources. It is in fact a visual summation of ideas collected from a philosophical study of patterns in nature and the abstract nature of existence. The result is an underlying structure to the deck that is rooted in the binary nature of existence and the spectrums of possibilities that lie between every pair of opposites. In this way, The Numerical Tarot restores tarot to its playing card origins by accentuating the binary nature of the Minor Suits as seen at the time of tarot's emergence, where the suits were divided into ascending and descending values. Because of the influence of occultists trying to merge disparate and unrelated systems with tarot, and the influence of new age people who try to mitigate as much negativity out of the tarot as possible, this simple binary design has been completely lost from the tarot. The Numerical Tarot brings it back. In The Numerical Tarot, balance, symmetry, contrast and consistency reign supreme!

The Numerical Tarot also makes some changes to the Major Trumps by establishing a parent-to-child relationship between each Major Trump and corresponding cards in the Minor Suits. No other deck in the world makes this kind of connection. The combination of suits that are considered opposites to each other, and trump cards that are considered related, makes The Numerical Tarot much easier to learn than ordinary decks. If you are unsure of the meaning of one card, you can consult its opposite and work backwards. Every card has an opposite, and the reversed meaning for each card becomes the spectrum of possibilities between those extremes. It is very logical and straightforward and easy to learn.

The deck itself is full of keywords for both upright and reversed meanings. An exhaustive study will reveal how keywords are carefully selected to show a gradual transition between one extreme and another for any one card and its opposite partner in an opposing suit. In The Numerical Tarot, the traditional suits of Pentacle, Cups, Wands and Swords, or, Coins, Cups, Staves and Swords are replace with modified suit signs that resemble the French suits seen on common playing cards. In this arrangement, Coins = Diamonds, Cups = Hearts, Staves = Clubs and Swords = Spades, where Diamonds and Clubs are seen as opposites and Hearts and Spades are seen as opposites as well.

This deck is a hybrid combination of imagery pulled from another deck I drew long ago (The Isomorphic Tarot, available on this site) and a previous version of The Numerical Tarot (which is still available on this site). I also included some imagery from traditional sources (wherever appropriate), just for fun, and to help people be oriented to where this deck is similar and where it is different. Numerical II does not have illustrated pips (I didn't take the time to figure out what to draw back then). And the illustrations on the Isomorphic are too gruesome for some, with nudity. So this deck upgrades the imagery of Numerical II and ads figures to the ideas from Isomorphic. I hope the result is something workable.

There is a lot more I could say about this deck but the best thing to do would be to go to the web site that explains it all in detail: To see all the cards in this deck go here: []

There is no "little white book" for this deck. If you buy a copy, you can find pages of possible interpretations on the site listed above, or download this 11x17 printout of keywords and fold it down and put it in the box (there's lots of room in the box for it):

NEW! A new and improved version of the book All Things Are Numbers is now an eBook for sale here: All Things Are Numbers by Guy Palm on iBooks []


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Why buy this?

  • Logical, straightforward design that is easy to learn
  • Upright and reversed meanings on each card
  • Not a Rider/Waite clone!




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Publish Date June 13, 2015
Edition Third
Department Tarot and Oracles
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