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The Oracle of Wisdom - by Saige Winterbear

Saige Winterbear has just published her first Oracle Deck! Easy to use 15 cards

I am really excited to share my very first Oracle Deck with you all!

The pictures are all hand drawn by me and I have written a little booklet to go with each deck to tell you what the cards mean.

There are 15 cards in my deck with their booklet which I also wrote myself to show the meanings of the cards I made.

The Oracle of Wisdom is perfect for all ages and very easy to use.

Saige is a young psychic reader, who reads professionally for clients via her website and also as a member of Gypsy Readings Australia.

About Saige: "Hi, I am Saige, I am 11 years old. I came up with Winterbear because i have a special spirit guide named Cubby, and he is a bear, also I have a crystal ball named Winter. I love them both very much, I love all my spiritual things, especially my guides.

People say I am talented not only for spiritual and witchcraft thing like, I am psychic, I am an beginner tarot reader, I am a crystal ball reader, an oracle card reader, a crystal grid maker and a crystal talker, I also am very good at art, as feed back there are many,many, people that feel the courageous and inspiring side. I love my family and friends very much I would always look to them and put them before myself.

I normally find myself on technology however I always find spare time to study and complete brain quizzers and pop quizzes I love to do extra work to exercise the brain I love learning because it not only is fun, but you will find interesting things when you unfold specific topics! my biggest hobby is to write horror stories it is a great and fun way to use your imagination and creativity."

Deck and booklet only - no box or bag. If you would like to buy a deck in a bag with a free crystal please purchase directly from Saiges' website instead.




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Publish Date October 17, 2018
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
More Info The Oracle of Wisdom - by Saige Winterbear web site

Why buy this?

  • Saige is only 11 years old!!!
  • Saige has been reading professionally since she was just 6!
  • Saige created this deck all on her own (some editing help)


  • This game does not come in a box.


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