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Third Age: Eternal - Set 1: Base

Base set of modular card game in an alternative timeline of sentient, anthropomorphic creatures.
(This Base set of cards includes everything you need to make multiple decks.)
Ho, traveler! If you would wander these lands, you must prepare yourself; pitiless death stalks all those who roam far here. Carry with you strong iron blades, and select with care those hale companions whom you can stoutly trust. Aye, I pray ye have honed your skills in combat, or perchance taken on the trade of magics; for there are those who would pursue you, and their steel is sharp, their ilk stalwart, and their wits keen. The fragments of that ancient alliance weaken now, and the tenuous peace of this age threatens to expire… You hold this land's future in your hands. Take arms, quickly!

THIRD AGE: ETERNAL exists in an exciting universe where beasts, known as the Awakened, inhabit a land that you may find familiar. Select a cadre of heroes, outfit them with arms and armor, call upon the aid of companions, and employ skills and actions to face your opponent in battle in this modular card game.

In THIRD AGE: ETERNAL, you must constantly balance your offenses and defenses, which ensures a challenging game of tough choices and rich tactics. Vitality, a card's life force, is also your main form of currency. Certain cards or abilities require additional payment in the form of exhaustion. Overwork a companion or gear, and it will expire. Take care when you choose how to spend your resources, or you will quickly find yourself overrun by a more cunning opponent.

Every deck you create in THIRD AGE: ETERNAL gives the opportunity to play through wildly different strategies. You may be a hero whose skills with the gun are all you need. Or strike among an army of companions and ride into battle with your brothers-in-arms. Maybe you’re a mercenary of magic and action, and you will weave great firestorms to devastate even the largest forces. The possibilities are endless, but you must be clever if you wish to be standing after the dust settles…

THIRD AGE: ETERNAL is a robust modular game that is unmatched in its flexibility of strategy!

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Publish Date October 03, 2015
Edition First
Department Card Games

Why buy this?

  • anthropomorphic creatures
  • unique dual payment system
  • merger of flavor and mechanics


  • This game does not come in a box.


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