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Two F**ks

Smack-Talking Party Game for Smart-Asses




Two F**ks is the name, not giving any is the game...literally.

Two F**ks is an accumulating/shedding card game with a last player standing winning condition.

Players take turns playing phrase cards from their hands that match either the phrase type or phrase number of the last card played.

When a player is unable to play an eligible phrase card, they “Give a F--k” by flipping a F--k Card. Each player has two f--k Cards. When a player is unable to “Give a F--k,” they’re “F--ked Over” and out of the game.

There is also a Flying F--k hidden amongst the Phrase Cards.

The last player left is the winner.


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Publish Date November 18, 2021
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Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Cool Propaganda inspired Aesthetic!
  • Familiar Gameplay with a Slick Winning Condition!
  • Hilariously Sarcastic and Smart-Ass Phrases!

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