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Ultimate Sentia Arena Box

Pick your favorite class and battle friends or enemies in an easy to play game.
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Pick your favorite class and battle friends or enemies in an easy to play game.

Sentia Arena is a pick up and play card game in the same vein as trading card games(TCGs). Except you get four complete and balanced decks that can be later expanded with more classes and a new Monster mode of play.

With a single Ultimate Sentia Arena Box, you receive four classes that can duel each other with one of three specialties. Each class has a unique mechanic so they play very differently. In addition, the three specialties each change how the class is played.

Also in the box is the Monster expansion that allows you to team up with friends against automatic foes.

This huge box includes all of the cards from the Sentia Arena and Monster expansion, for over 300 cards. This box will also have two additional Boss monsters who will only appear in this box, as well as four new specializations.

Want to try out the base game? We have a downloadable PDF trial at!


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Why buy this?

  • TCG-like Experience, without booster packs.
  • Team up with friends to take down a boss!
  • TCG-like Experience, without booster packs.




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Publish Date November 25, 2016
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Department Card Games
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