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Universal Victory Point Cards

VP tracking cards to go with ANY game




Do you have any games that expect you to keep score with paper and pencil? Or a bad score track? These simple little cards can be used with ANY game that scores up to 499 Victory Points. A set comes with 8 different colors.

Each player gets a card and 3 clips to slide up and down the card. The first 2 clips show 10's and 1's, so putting a clip next to 30 and another next to 7 would show a score of 37. The 3rd clip can be used on the top to show hundreds.

You can see another player's score easily from across the table. You could also add stands (available from Game Crafter) to stand up the card for an even easier across table view.

Note: If a clip is too loose or too tight, gently press the tab to adjust it.


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Publish Date July 19, 2016
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Why buy this?

  • Works with many, many different games
  • Little deck of 8 cards that you can keep in a pocket
  • Small cards that can be added to any deck or game


  • This game does not come in a box.


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