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Now, YOU can be the super-villain mastermind.




Now, you can be the criminal mastermind an entire city fears and despises.

Villains! the Board Game is a unique and thrilling adventure where you play as one of four super-villains on their quest for city-wide domination.

Play as the Mad Genius, the Alien Emperor, the Crime Lord, or the Eccentric Sociopath! Your hand of cards is full of tools you can use to defeat your enemies -- Goods and Allies, Wicked Plots, and Loot that allows you to hire a dazzling array of Henchmen and have them battle for supremacy over sectors of the city.

But beware--the city is protected by the Hero, and he gets his own try at defeating the most powerful Villain. Can you lure the Hero into a Trap by using his Girlfriend or Sidekick as bait? Will the Hero fall prey to his own Weakness?

The game itself is one of Area Control, reaping benefits from each particular sector of the city while strategically using these benefits to procure what you need to win.

Only one Villain can kill the Hero and rule the city... will it be you?


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Publish Date December 04, 2011
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Department Games
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