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Wá'Vo Dice

Match 5 Colors to Rob the Treasure Chest or Steal Treasure from Another Player for the Win!


Wá'Vo Dice, pronounced WAH-VOH, is a fantasy-themed dice game brought to you by Worlde of Legends™. It was inspired by the game "Jactus" that was played at feasts and other celebrations during the time of the Roman Empire as early as the year 10 B.C.


The Worlde of Legends™ Wá'Vo dice Dame is themed with dragons, pirate skulls, and gold coins in the form of Treasure Cards. The dice utilize colored dots instead of numbers to not only make this game easier for younger children but also to allow for additional versions of the game that increase the required skill level, add strategic thinking, kick the "PickPocket" game into high gear, and offer gameplay variety.


The basic Wá'Vo Dice concept is to match five dice colors and receive a Treasure Card, either a dragon scale, a pirate skull, or a gold coin. Your Treasure Card comes from the game's "Treasure Hoard" in the middle of the playing field. If the Treasure Card you have earned is not there, you have the opportunity to "PickPocket" (steal) the card from another player!.



In addition to Basic Gameplay, the rules also include the following alternate gameplay options.

  • "Easy Play" which provides simplified rules for playing with younger children
  • "Fast-Play" which allows for a shorter game
  • "Color-Hoard" which introduces additional strategy
  • "Dice Battle" where PickPocket requires additional dice rolls.


Wá'Vo Dice from Worlde of Legends™ is easy to learn and fun to play! Get it today and cast your lot to start STEALING... ahem... EARNING dragons, pirate skulls and coins with the whole family! CAN YOU STEAL THE HOARD?

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Publish Date October 07, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Fun, fantasy version of an ancient Roman dice game!
  • Multiple difficulty levels for various ages and skill levels
  • Fun for the WHOLE FAMILY!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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