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Wanna Go Drinking

Who do you Wanna Go Drinking with?
Wanna Go Drinking? is a party game that will keep you guessing as to who you should go drinking with.

Each player is given 3 cards with various drinks that their game character likes.Players take turns asking each other, "Do you like ....?"Once a player is "somewhat" confident that his/her three cards are similar enough to produce the best, or at least a positive score, he/she may ask to go drinking with that game character.The player with the most points wins.


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Why buy this?

  • Have a great time about drinking
  • Learn the names of some drinks
  • Infinite replayability




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Publish Date January 24, 2012
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Popular Culture
Theme Survival
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Deduction
More Info Wanna Go Drinking web site


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