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Warcaste ECG: Mystic Theme Deck

The Imperium of man has fallen. Claim your empire with the might of the Mystics!




Welcome to Warcaste.

The Warcaste ECG is an Indie expandable card game that brings a galactic sized war to your kitchen table.

Those who lead the fleets of man and alien alike into battle are known as the Warcaste, a caste of brilliant, strategic minds with one goal. Secure victory at any cost. War has claimed the galaxy. Systems burn without end. Who will you fight for? Claim victory today, for you are among... the WARCASTE!

The Imperium of Humanity has fallen. The Mystic Prophets have long foreseen the galaxies fall into darkness. With this knowledge they planned to form the Fleet Final, a last ditch effort to restore balance within the galaxy. This has failed as corruption takes root within. Splinter factions now dominate the Mystics, each vying for control of the Fleet Final.

This deck comes with a Doctrine card, a 50 Card Extended Format Theme Deck, two full art promo cards and a rule book QR code card.

Deck Overview: The Mystic Theme Deck is a combo deck that looks to play The Fleet Final card. A trap card that can only be played after 3 cards have been played from somewhere other than your hand. It then allows you to find and put into play your most powerful unit for free. To support this many cards within the deck allow you to play from the top of your deck, or have abilities that trigger when being played from somewhere other than your hand. The Fleet Final is the galaxy's last hope, secure it now with the Mystic Theme Deck!

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Publish Date October 29, 2022
Edition Dawn of War
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Why buy this?

  • 50 card Extended Format deck ready out of the box!
  • Includes 2 extra full art Promo Cards!
  • Mix and match with other theme decks to build your own!


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