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Educational Weather Game
1. Choose your color pawn and also the same octbox color.

2. Decide who will go first.

3. When its your turn roll the dice and move your game piece to the number on the dice.

4. When you land on a weather symbol you can take one of your octbox and put it on one of the corresponding places on the board.
(EXAMPLE: If you land on sun you can choose to put your octbox on any of the places that has a sun spot such as Hurricane Bay, Thunderstorm Beach, Tornado Island, if you land on cold you can place your octbox on any spot that has cold, ETC…..)

5. The mission is to try and get all three octobox in one place so that you can get that whoever gets the most land wins the game.

*This is an education game teaching the players what goes into making these weather monsters.


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Why buy this?

  • Learn how the Weather Works.
  • This is a great chance to understand weather.
  • Weathergeeks




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Publish Date September 11, 2011
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Adventure
Theme Education
Audience Students / Teachers
Primary Mechanic Area Control
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