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ZipWarz Quick Start Game

A free, fast war game for 2 players




A Free Intro to ZipWarz

Welcome to the ZipWarz Quick Start Game, a great place to begin playing the 2-player, rules-lite war game system: ZipWarz. In the game, each player brings customized armies to the battlefield in an attempt to vie for victory using tactical movements, devastating attacks, and special abilities. The player who gains the most Victory Points by the end of round 4 wins the game.

This game includes 2 pre-generated armies, a player board, paper models and tokens, and all the rules to play the game. Best of all... it's free.

a YMOR game

This is a YMOR game. YMOR stands for Your Materials. Our Rules. It basically means that we have all these rules of how play a game, but instead of asking you to buy dice, miniatures, or extra pieces for the game, we encourage you to use models or things you already have around the house. Our hope is that you get to enjoy a great a game with the things you already own. To play the game you’ll need:

  • Something to represent models on the battlefield (painted miniatures, dice, tokens, meeples, etc.)
  • Multiple 6-sided dice
  • Tokens to mark Wounds on units.
  • A table to play on
  • A 24-zone battlefield (included)
  • An Army Roster listing the units in each player’s army (included)
  • Rules to play the game (included)


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Publish Date July 27, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Use any miniature or game piece for your army
  • Includes battlefield, paper models, and a game tracker
  • A great introduction to ZipWarZ


  • This game does not come in a box.


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