Box, White, Large

A large sized, sturdy, plain white box to hold the contents of your game. These can not be printed on and are a limited stock item.

Notice of Discontinuation: This part has been discontinued. This part is still for sale, but only as long as we still have quantity in our inventory. This part may not be added to a game.

Vintage: This game piece is part of our vintage collection. Since it is from an old game, we may not always have this piece in stock. However, we'll do our best to keep a good supply of them around.

Not enough Box, White, Large in stock.


Quantity In Stock0
Weight21.05 oz597 g
Height11.87 in302 mm
Width11.87 in302 mm
Depth2.87 in73 mm
Interior Height11.5 in292 mm
Interior Width11.5 in292 mm
Interior Depth2.75 in70 mm

Sale Pricing

1-9 $2.5783 ea $2.2640 ea
10-99 $2.5155 ea $2.2640 ea
100-999 $2.2640 ea $2.2640 ea
1000+ $2.2533 ea $2.2533 ea

Last Price Change: 2018-01-24

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