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A wooden saltire used for torture

Notice of Discontinuation: This part has been discontinued. This part is still for sale, but only as long as we still have quantity in our inventory. This part may not be added to a game.

Low Volume: We don't stock very many of this part. If you need more than we have in stock, please contact us and we can arrange to get however many you need.

Not enough Saltire in stock.


Quantity In Stock0
Weight0.05 oz2 g
Height1.79 in46 mm
Width1.22 in31 mm
Depth0.39 in10 mm

Sale Pricing

1-9 $0.9323 ea $0.9324 ea
10-99 $0.9324 ea $0.9324 ea
100-999 $0.9324 ea $0.9324 ea
1000+ $0.9323 ea $0.9323 ea

Last Price Change: 2018-11-14

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