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Tall Booklet

A saddle-stitched booklet designed specifically for the Medium Pro Box.

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Photo from Clash of Vikings



Price Per Sheet $0.98
Price Per Item $0.24
Items Per Sheet 4
Best Bulk Price Per Sheet (100 Games) $0.69
Finished Dimensions 4.5 x 8 in
Finished Weight 0.2496 ounces per sheet
Shipping Dimensions 4.5 x 8 x 0.003 in
Image Size 1425x2475 pixels
Max Page Count 40 pages
Material 148gsm paper folded and stapled in the middle
Cut Type Steel


Due to the nature of saddle stitching booklet pages are printed 4 to a sheet. Please be sure to indicate (in the 'Page Number' field) the order that the pages should appear in your booklet. Each page must be uploaded as a separate full bleed image. A 20-page booklet takes up the thickness of 4 cards in a box.

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