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Welcome to Concierge, where we can lend a helping hand with your projects on The Game Crafter.

We can help you with anything related to getting your project going on The Game Crafter. Examples include:

  • Formatting your files for use on The Game Crafter.
  • Uploading your files to The Game Crafter.
  • Consultation on which of our products and parts would best suit your needs.
  • Help designing something in Component.Studio.
  • Making cut files for custom punchouts or custom plastic components.
  • And much more!

We need only a few things to get started.

  1. Your contact information
  2. A description of your project, along with any files you may have.
  3. Your down payment of $50.

Let's get started »


We charge $50 per hour for our services at the Concierge with a minimum cost of $50 (1 hour) to get started. You'll see the hours we're putting toward the project live on your project tracker, as well as the cost of materials added to your project. Your initial $50 fee will be applied toward hours and materials.

Want a quote?

Most projects are completed in less than 1 hour. Everything we do is billed by time and materials, but if you want a rough estimate or just want to speak with us via e-mail about your project before jumping in, please contact customer service and put "Concierge Project" in the subject line..

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