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Getting Started

If you are ready to get started, you've come to the right place.

Steps To Make A Game

Follow these simple steps below to get started.

Create an account or log in. You must have a graphic design program installed.

Note: We cannot print trademarked or copyrighted images even if the game is only intended for personal use.

The first step is to browse our product catalog and decide which items will work for your game. And while you are there, download the templates for the products you want to use.

Open the template files in your graphic design program and create a new layer to add your artwork. Verify that important parts of the image are in the blue-dotted safe zone and that the background color/pattern exceeds the red cut line and fills the entire gray bleed zone.

Also check out designer tips, the FAQ for Beginners, and the podcast for beginners.

Avoid wasting time and money by reading the documentation and design your components correctly for our system. If you have questions, please contact us. We're glad to help!

Make sure all the images you are uploading do not show the template layer when exporting your images. You will export your images individually as a .png.

To get started making games, you need to have an account on the site. Login or Create an Account.

If you would like more details, check out our extended getting started guide.

Show Me How

Click on a tutorial video below to learn how to make a custom board game or card game.

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