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Welcome to The Game Crafter Warehouse, where we make inventory management and fulfillment easy.

We can handle all of your 3PL / warehousing needs:

  • Pallet and bin storage
  • Shopify integration
  • Inventory management
  • Fulfillment via USPS, UPS, and LTL carriers
  • Warehouse projects
  • Domestic and international shipping (note that you'll get way better international rates by using local fulfillment)
  • And more. Just ask about any special needs.

Contact our customer service team at if you'd like to learn more.

"The day-to-day process has been great. Everyone on the team has been very responsive to inquiries and we would not hesitate to make that move again!"
~ Claire Matejka, Thunderworks Games
"I've been using their 3PL services for a couple months now and it has been awesome! It is easy to send out orders, rates have been reasonable, and the crew is responsive to questions and feedback."
~ Rob Seib, Mindfruit Games


  • $19 per month per pallet (mixed pallets will be separated)
  • $4 per month per bin (no mixed bins)
  • $40 per hour for labor (billed in 1 minute increments)
  • $2 per carton that we provide ($4 for double walled), and $0.25 extra if you'd like a parcel bubble wrapped
  • $30 per pallet (includes wrapping, weighing, etc)
  • 10% over shipping carrier rates for shipping

We just charge a 10% fee on top of whatever the shipping carriers charge us. But we also have better rates than you can get by going to the shipping carriers directly because we ship so many parcels. Here's a sample of what rates we get (taken January 22, 2023):

Destination 11 oz. 1 lb. 8 lb. 17 lb. 37 lb.
California $5.17 $9.43 $16.74 $25.46 $42.99
Indiana $4.74 $7.39 $10.09 $16.81 $20.98
Illinois $4.88 $7.96 $15.21 $17.34 $28.89
Florida $4.69 $7.09 $8.57 $13.36 $17.33

You can look up custom pricing for a given parcel to a given address here.

${{shipest.result.amount}} via {{shipest.result.option}}

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