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We want you to design a completely unique adventure game where the players complete grand quests or amazing acts of heroism or villainy.

Your adventure must take place in a real location on Earth. However, it can be from any time period, including the future. Post- Apocalypse on the golden gate bridge, Advanced Technologies in the pyramids of Egypt, maybe we all evolved to look like cats and we live in Antarctica, the fun is up to you.

The story and immersion is the most important part of adventure games, so having a strong theme throughout the game is important.

The game should also have great replay-ability, with changing variables like, scenarios, quests, characters, maps, locations or stories.

The game must play 3 or more people. What is an adventure without friends?!

Alisha Volkman will be personally judging all entries. Here is her rubric for judging:

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:


You retain all rights to your game and are welcome to sell it in our shop before, during, and after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

The first round of judging is handled by a community voting process. The final two rounds are handled by the judge. See complete details.


The winner shall receive all of the following prizes:

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