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Choose-Your-Own-Path Challenge


This contest is complete, and the winner has been chosen.

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How many of you grew up on those super cool “choose-your-own adventure” books where your decisions each page brought you through a different path in the story? These books created a sense of free will and immersion unlike other fiction books where you felt in control of the narrative. This is sometimes referred to as 2nd Person perspective.

But we are here to make games, not books, right? Why not do both! The “Choose-Your-Own-Path” Contest challenges you to make a game (in book format) that players feel a sense of free will (though along a somewhat predetermined path) while playing. A good way to think of a “choose-your-own-path” game is a game with a built-in DM that guides your path based on your actions and frequently results in different endings.

Maybe you're on an epic quest to find an enchanted sword to save the kingdom and your decision to go left or right propagates into a wildly different quest! Maybe you are in a dystopian city where you have to survive long enough to reach the Oasis! Maybe you are trapped in a labyrinth and have to solve puzzles to escape!

The key to a “choose-your-own-path” game is that a player’s choices will change the path the player navigates through the game - This allows players choice and replayability each play session. How you present those choices to a player is up to you!

Here are some games that use a “choose-your-own-path” mechanic:

The contest will be judged by Rampage Games owners Chris Rossetti and Tim Harms. We were the judges of the Mint Tin Contest, the contest with the highest ever number of entrants where every game received feedback!

Contest start date: {{wing.format_datetime(}}

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:

  • Design a “Choose-Your-Own-Path” game.
  • Your game must use a “Perfect Bound” or "Coil Bound" Book.
  • A game box is optional.
  • Your game should play from set up to finish in 60 minutes or less. Players usually complain more about games being too long than being too short.
  • NO CLONES! We don’t want to see an old game re-skinned or re-themed, whether it’s a published game or not. Try something new!
  • You may use any printables or game pieces, if TGC sells it, you can use it.
  • Though not explicitly required, a 2-minute overview video is highly encouraged.
  • All artwork must be your own, commissioned by you, licensed to you, or in the public domain. Be sure to attribute your images when required.
  • Full rules must be included in the book. You can provide links to other sources, but players need to be able to learn how to play your game just by reading the rules that come in the book.
  • A PDF rules document must be downloadable from your game's shop page.
  • The total cost of your game must be less than $49.99.
  • The game must be publish-ready (as it relates to our shop, not as it relates to being finished). This means it has a logo, backdrop, shop ad, action shots, description, and cool factors. It must also have all images proofed.
  • This must be a new game created for this contest. It cannot have existed on TGC prior to the start of the contest.
  • All entries must be submitted through TGC's game editor (by clicking on the "Contests" button) no later than 11pm US Central on August 22, 2022.
  • Games and their shop page should not be changed after the contest deadline, until the finalists have been announced.
  • Contestants may submit multiple entries to this contest. Each entry will be judged separately.

You retain all rights to your game, and are welcome to sell it in The Game Crafter shop during and after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest. Your game does not have to be available for sale to enter the contest.

The community voting process will be used to determine 20 semi-finalists.

Rampage Games will choose 3 to 7 finalists based on Rampage Games’ semi-finalist scoring rubric. It is the intention of Rampage Games to score every contest entrant. Although unlikely, it is possible that a non-semifinalist could be chosen as a finalist. All finalists will be played and judged by Rampage Games based on Rampage Games’ finalist scoring rubric to select one winner.

You can read more about TGC contests here: Game Design Contests - The Game Crafter

The winner shall receive all of the following prizes:

  • $100 from Rampage Games via PayPal
  • 1 Game from Rampage Games Library shipped anywhere in the world.
  • $250 of shop credit on
  • $100 of shop credit on donated by TGC staffer Pat Collins.
  • Automatic Showcase status for their game on
  • The possibility of judging a future contest.
  • Induction into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame.
  • 2nd Place - $50 from Rampage Games via PayPal
  • 3rd Place - $25 from Rampage Games via PayPal
  • Semi-finalists, finalists, and the winner will all receive accolades for their achievements.
  • Game Mechanics (15pts): Are the mechanics well integrated with the theme? Do they create interesting choices? Are the components used creatively to improve the gaming experience?
  • Game Theme (10pts): Is the theme unique, out of the box, or a different take on a more common theme? Is it strongly represented by the art and components?
  • Rules Clarity (10pts): Are the rules easy to read and understand? Are grammatical errors kept to a minimum? Do they flow well/follow a logical path?
  • Game Artwork (5pts): Does the artwork contribute to the game's theme? Is the graphic design functional and clean?
  • Shop Appearance (5pts): Are the action shots of game components of good quality and present the game well? Does the game description do a good job of explaining the objectives and theme?
  • X Factor (5pts): This category will reward designers that add a bit to their game presentation that goes beyond a typical entry. An engaging video, a very unique mechanic, a Print & Play, using uncommon components, etc.

1- First Impressions

Chris Rossetti, Rampage Games Founder, will briefly review every entry in the contest, via the 50 point semi-final rubric, before voting closes and semi-finalists are revealed and provide feedback. These reviews will remain unaltered for the remainder of the judging process.

2- Community-biased Judging

When community voting closes and semi-finalists are revealed, Tim Harms will review every entry in the contest, via the 50 point semi-final rubric, and provide feedback.

3- Community Voting Bonus

The raw community vote for each entry will be divided by 200 and added to each score.

4- Judge Averaging

Both judge scores will be averaged. The community voting bonus will then be applied. It is possible games outside of the semifinals will become a finalist.

  • Replayability (15pts): Do the game's mechanics lend themselves well to several consecutive games without losing its appeal? Does the game provide enough choices to make separate plays different enough from each other?
  • Immersiveness (10pts): Does the game feel big? Do players dive deep into the experience and believe they are truly interacting with the game's environment?
  • Enjoyment (10pts): Do players enjoy playing the game? Do they immediately want to play again? Is there more laughter than anger? Is the game's learning curve appropriate for its playtime?
  • Rules Functionality (10pts): Are the rules legible, well designed, and easy to understand?
  • Use of Components (5pts): Do the components used enhance gameplay and reinforce the theme?

The semi-finals scores will count as 20% of the final score, and the above will be 80% of it.

Final scores are here.

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