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1-2 Punch

A highly strategic boxing game for 2 players. Predict your opponent's moves to get the KO!


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“Ladies and gentlemen, boxing fans from around the world gather tonight to witness two titans clash in the ring! In the blue corner is our challenger hailing from Newport, Wales, weighing 153lbs, 5ft 9in tall, the one and only, the notorious, the warrior: Cadman Morris! Wearing red and white trunks, weighing in at 216lbs and standing at an intimidating 6ft 3in, an Olympic gold medal winner and our current heavyweight titleholder, perhaps the greatest of all time: Darius Akachi! Let’s get ready to ONE…TWO…PUNCH!”

1-2 Punch is an easy to learn strategic boxing card game that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Similar to other abstract strategy games like Chess or Onitama, 1-2 Punch rewards experienced players as they continue to play and hone their skills.







Click HERE to play 1-2 Punch for free on TableTop Simulator!



Check out this playthrough of 1-2 Punch and Memory Kings with Gustavo Tontini, the designer of Memory Kings, which is also running a crowd sale from Jan 20th-Feb 4th!

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Why buy this?

  • Quick and easy to learn but surprisingly tactical.
  • Predict your opponent's moves to land the perfect punch!
  • Only 24 cards allows 1-2 Punch to be played anywhere!




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Poker Tuck Box (36 cards) 1 component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 24 cards component component
Document 1 component component

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