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Airport! captures the nostalgia of the heyday of air travel, with a modern-day twist.

Think back to the time when you could buy a plane ticket and stroll through the airport mask-free, sipping your coffee. You may grab a magazine at the Terminal News Stand that you'll finally have time to read, then laugh together with your new friend in seat 25C over pretzels and ginger ale.

The heyday of air travel. It wasn't long ago, and we'll get there again.

But not now. Now air travel is in pandemic mode and you may want to stay home and play a game about the airport.

Airport! captures it all: late rideshare drivers, extra bag fees, losing your mask, unexpectedly getting TSA Pre-check, drinking too much coffee, or doing weird things to stave off boredom and leg cramps.

To win, you'll need to avoid destinations with border closures, wear your mask, and don't spend all your money!

Airport! is a highly interactive game that's simple enough for kids, yet filled with hilarious modern references that engage adults. You may even find yourself talking like an aviation geek!

So grab your family and your quarantine buddies and have a go at the Airport!


Why buy this?

  • Travelers conquer obstacles from home to the plane
  • Created by an MSP-based airline employee
  • No plastic playing pieces to end up in the giant ocean blob




Component Quantity Photo
Play Money Set 1 set of 60 play moneys component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 6 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 11 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 11 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 11 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 11 cards component component
Quad-Fold Game Board 1 component component
Document 1 component component
Large Stout Box (Top And Sides Printed) 1 component component
D6, 16mm, Wood 1 component component
Halma, Black 1 component component
Halma, Blue 1 component component
Halma, Orange 1 component component
Halma, Red 1 component component
Halma, White 1 component component
Halma, Yellow 1 component component

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