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Clash of Seasons

Send out the warriors of the four seasons to fulfill missions in this trick-taking card game!


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Since the dawn of time, the four seasons have competed against each other. Every season has the claim to reign over the others. They all send out their mightiest warriors to fight in a seemingly infinite battle against their opponents. Yet the warriors also have to prove themselves in their own ranks to show who is the strongest of them all. Will this eternal war ever end and will one season be able to achieve victory?


Clash of Seasons is a trick-taking card game with four different colors which represent the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season sends out warriors of different strength.


The game follows the rules of a normal trick-taking game with the following features:

  1. There is no trump suit. Each season has special hero cards that are able to trump other cards, but only cards from the previous season.

  2. It is not always the best to win as much tricks as possible. You can fulfill 3 missions each round which differ in their goals to win points.

Watch our how to play video for detailed information!


The game includes 60 playing cards, each with a unique and lovely drawn design. Furthermore you get 30 different mission cards, 75 symbol stones, progress tiles and extra points markers as well as detailed game instructions that doesn't leave any rule questions unanswered and a cool designed box. This leads to a professional and very fun gameplay. You will not be disappointed!



How to play


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German version

There is also a German version available. For further information contact us via Social Media or send an Email at

Why buy this?

  • New trick-taking mechanic
  • 30 different missions for a unique and dynamic gameplay
  • Lovely designed cards and a lot of materials




Component Quantity Photo
Medium Circle Chit Set 1 set of 75 medium circle chits component component
Medium Pro Box 1 component component
Tall Booklet 1 component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 60 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 30 cards component component

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