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Roll Into Town

As mayor transform the village into a thriving hub for the region.


You are the newly appointed mayor and have been tasked with turning the town into a thriving hub of the region. You don’t know much about the local area and will have to discover what resources are available to you and use them to grow your town. Can you roll into town and make it a success?

Roll Into Town is a Roll and Write game for 1 or more players. The game lasts for 12 rounds, in each round players will explore the area around their town drawing the surrounding landscape. They will grow their town by drawing buildings and gathering resources for future turns. At the end of the game players earn points through their rivers, coast and buildings.


The game is played over 12 rounds which are divided into the following phases;

- Discover Phase -

During this phase the players roll the dice and draw the corresponding icons onto their game sheet. Discovering the landscape and resources around their village.

- Construct Phase -

Players during this phase can use any food, wood or stone they have earned to construct buildings. The buildings allow the player to score points, increase their production of resources or earn extra powers

- Gather Phase -

Players now stock up on resources from their buildings. If you want wood you must cut down the trees and erase them from your grid.

- Upkeep Phase -

If there are any forests during this phase they will grow extra trees.

After the 12th round the player who has scored the most points wins.

Why buy this?

  • Roll custom dice to explore your area.
  • Grow your town to earn points.
  • Become the best mayor!




Component Quantity Photo
Custom Full Color 16mm D6 5 component component
Medium Score Pad Color 1 component component
Large Booklet 1 component component
Medium Stout Box (Top And Sides Printed) 1 component component
Cube, 8mm, Blue 3 component component
Cube, 8mm, Bright Yellow 3 component component
Cube, 8mm, Brown 3 component component
Cube, 8mm, Light Pink 3 component component
Cube, 8mm, Lime Green 3 component component
Cube, 8mm, Red 3 component component

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