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Find some friends and play this original Zombie Card Game. Guaranteed fun for everyone

WHAT IS DROPUNDEAD? The world has come to an end. The zombie apocalypse is here! Don’t get so excited: an apocalypse is not something to be taken lightly.

You are surrounded, exhausted and hopeless.

There are no survivors, except for you and your so-called friends. It has very simple rules, but it’s surprisingly addictive, comes smotherIts goal: to be the last one to die. In DropUndead, you won’t add any Life Points, ever; after each round, the players will be a little closer to their deaths.

MORE THAN A CARD GAME DropUndead Game - YouTube

Complete the experience with our free dropundead tools (comming soon): - DU Counter for Android/IOS : You can download the official Drop Undead app for counting Life Points. - Zombie Alert for Android/IOS

The purpose of the game Each player begins with 15 Life Points. After every round the individual Life Points are assessed. When a player reaches 0 Life Points or less, he or she dies and abandons the game. The goal is to be the last one to die.

Types of cards There are three types of cards: Influence Cards, Bid Cards and Trick Cards. Each Influence Card and Bid Card belong to a suit; Trick Cards don’t.

There are four suits in the deck of cards: Do (yellow), Go (red), Talk (blue) and Use (green).

Find some friends and play this original Zombie Card Game. Guaranteed fun for everyone


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Average Rating 3 reviews
Publish Date February 20, 2017
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Horror
Theme Zombies
Primary Mechanic Action Points
More Info DropUndead web site


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