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Novelties of Nous | First Edition Deck

A solo adventure of serious play for Living Life Artistically




Activate your intuitive sensibility and unleash your creative potential

This deck of 68 visually striking prompts is designed to activate your intuitive sensibilities towards self-reflection and sovereign sense-making.


"...the artwork on these cards is nothing short of breathtaking. Each card is a mini masterpiece in itself, featuring stunning visuals that transport you to a world of color, emotion, and imagination. Just gazing at the artwork is enough to awaken your creative senses and set your mind on a creative adventure." ~ Stef Blignaut

You can use this deck as you would any Oracle or affirmation deck to bring your inner and outer realities into harmony through creatively engaging with a symbolic prompt.

Embrace the playfulness of paradox as you immerse yourself in the wisdom of Artistic Mind.

Each prompt pairs a visual muse with a pearl-of-wisdom. While contemplating a prompt, your multiple sense-making intelligences are activated to arrive at an integrated, intuitive and deeply personal meaning.

"These cards have become my daily source of inspiration and a cherished companion on my artistic journey." ~ Stef Blignaut

Novelties of Nous prompts demonstrate nine practices associated with Living Life Artistically: - Imagination - Curiosity - Attention - Intention - Improvisation - Perception - Experience - Transformation - Sovereignty


Nous is an expansive form of knowing that becomes available through the purposeful practices of improvisation, intuition, chance and synchronicity. Our contemporary term for this is Artistic Mind.

Thousands of individuals throughout time have accessed nous in search of guidance, insight, healing, innovation, and inspiration. This includes writers, painters, poets, dancers, actors, activists, philosophers, educators, biologists, scientists, designers, architects, historians, mathematicians, psychologists and sages.

"The inclusion of quotes by great artistic minds is a genius touch. It's like having a conversation with the creative giants of history every day. These quotes are nuggets of wisdom, distilled from the experiences of renowned artists, and they never fail to reignite my creativity." ~ Stef Blignaut

Accessing the timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind through these Novelties of Nous prompts is a personal practise that may enrich your daily life by bringing curiosity, sensitivity, paradox and play into the foreground of your attention.

There's always time to enter the infinite playing fields of Artistic Mind!


"Viewing a new card each morning is like unwrapping a gift of inspiration. Beyond their ability to activate creativity, these cards have also brought a sense of mindfulness and reflection into my daily routine." ~ Stef Blignaut

These prompts are simple to use, but far-reaching in effect. They can be used on a daily basis to: 1) support your sovereign sense-making potential, 2) bring wonder and appreciation into play, 3) strengthen your intuitive and imaginative abilities.


You can work with the prompts in multiple ways - for divination, contemplation, affirmation, journaling or self-reflection. Consider these options:

1) Hold a statement or question in mind related to your current life experience. For example: "I feel stuck." Shuffle the deck before randomly drawing a single prompt. Notice any associations, feelings or memories that arise as you contemplate both the visual muse as well as the verbal mantra. How do these two impulses complement each other?


2) Hold a feeling sense of your issue or life experience. You may not be able to translate this feeling into words, but it could appear as a sensation of hollowness, heaviness or anticipation. Once again, shuffle the deck before randomly drawing a single prompt. Notice any associations, feelings or memories that arise as you contemplate both the visual muse as well as the verbal mantra. Do any words or phrases stand out in relation to your felt sense?


3) You can also simply allow your curiosity to ride the explosion of colors and shapes in the visual muse in an imaginative reverie that brings deeper insights to the surface for reflection.

"Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting your creative voyage, these cards are the perfect companions. They've enriched my life in ways I can't fully express, and I can't recommend them enough." ~ Stef Blignaut

Good to know details before you check out:

Novelties of Nous is a unique print-on-demand product created by iNous, an independent institute based in South Africa). The deck contains the original artworks of Lanon Prigge and nuggets of nous from a diversity of third party individuals (Artistic Minds).

The purpose of the deck is for creative motivation, self-reflective journaling, daily contemplation and artistic affirmation. This deck is intended to celebrate and honour the timeless wisdom shared by countless individuals throughout time and uses a limited amount of content from third party individuals to do so. We believe our use of this content falls within the parameters of Fair Use, or Fair Dealing. You may read our Fair Use Policy here.

Please be aware that a small handling fee, as well as your shipping costs, will be added onto the listed price at checkout.

There are several shipping options available to you, including expedited (fast) shipping, depending on your geographic location. You can learn more about shipping options here.

Depending on your country of origin, you may also be required to pay custom fees and duties on receipt of your deck. None of the creators or publishers of this deck are responsible for setting the delivery or custom duty fees.

You will be required to fill in your credit card details on checkout. These details are not stored by The Game Crafter but simply used by their third-party payment providers, which include Stripe and PayPal.

Should you need assistance with your purchase, you can click on the 'Get Support' button at the bottom of this page. If you require further information or would like to share your experiences with Novelties of Nous, please feel free to email


"The quality of the cards themselves is top-notch, with a sturdy build and a beautifully designed box for easy storage. They are a joy to hold and handle, enhancing the overall experience." ~ Stef Blignaut

Novelties of Nous is the collaborative result of over 20 years of artistic research by Samantha Prigge (content curator, graphic designer & founder of iNous) and Lanon Prigge (visual muse and artist). Read more about us here.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel @NoveltiesofNous for weekly videos sharing the timeless wisdom of Artistic Mind, and celebrating selected individuals who continue to affirm the power and value of the sovereign individual.


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Publish Date September 13, 2022
Edition First Edition
Department Self Improvement
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Why buy this?

  • 68 stunning artworks to awaken your creative senses
  • 68 quotes from great artistic minds to inspire and activate
  • An inspirational companion on your personal artistic journey


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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