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Pyramids of Mars 2nd Edition

A fast bidding and building game for 1 to 4 players




Become the Greatest Pyramid Builder!

On ancient Mars, the most prestigious creation was the pyramid. Countless Martian lifetimes were devoted to making these great monuments for the red planet. Now, it is your turn. You are a master pyramid builder trying to erect the most amazing pyramid yet in the most prestigious city possible. Get your supplies and build the greatest of the Pyramids of Mars

In Pyramids of Mars you take the role of a master builder of Mars trying to build the greatest pyramid on the planet. Send your Builder to one of the three great cities on the Red Planet. Then, use your Influence (cards) to change prestige (dice) on each city. If your Builder is at the most prestigious city, your earn a Pyramid card. The first player with 3 Pyramid cards wins the game, and is declared the master builder!


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Publish Date February 07, 2019
Edition Second
Department Games
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  • Pick-up and play fast
  • Simple rules
  • Roulette with a twist


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