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Reserve the best located sunbeds and annoy other guests on the resort, but beware of the pool boys!






Remember going on a holiday? Staying at a really nice resort, with a beautiful room, great facilities and amazing pools. The only downside is...the sunbeds or better said the lack of them. It's like everybody is reserving the best spots... even though nobody is in the pool! :(

So what do you do? Do you take the sunbeds at the back of the resort and spill your coffee over the towels that you pass? Or do you get up early join the Sunbed Rush?

While reserving sunbeds in real life is not very kind to your fellow guests at a resort it is absolutely mandatory in Sunbed Rush. The game is a short and very interactive game and can be played with friends or family... and is extra fun on holiday. So make sure to secure the best spots to win the game!


Sunbed Rush contains 108 cards. The rules of the game are explained on the inside of the hook box. Use the downloadable score card to help you calculate the points Shop-Page---Contents.png


In Sunbed Rush players reserve sunbeds at the pools to earn the most points at the end of the game. Earn points for having the most towels at a pool and in addition you earn 1 point for each unoccupied towel (towel without an object or guest).

Every player starts with their own 8 towels in their hand. The game is played in 8 game rounds. After 8 game rounds your hands are empty and the game ends. Time to count the points and check who dominates the resort!

Each game round consists of 4 phases


Overview video

Note: The overview video uses prototype cards. In the meanwhile card design and the name has been changed (previous name: Pool Towels)

Sunbed Rush on TableTopia

This game is also available as an online game on TableTopia for 2-4 players. If you want to "play" the game before you buy it, go to TableTopia.

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Publish Date May 19, 2021
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Why buy this?

Sunbed Rush is a great family game to play with kids. It has a lovely whimsical theme and if you play it with a nice beverage and in some good company, we’re sure you’re going to have a good time.

  • Short and very interactive card game
  • Use quirks of guests to your advantage
  • Design and gameplay gives you a summer vibe


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