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Rüniverse TCG: Orth vs. Thyst 2-Player Starter Set

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In Rüniverse ('roo-nə-ˌvərs), you’ll recruit powerful mages to protect magical rifts that open. They’ll summon creatures, cast spells, and wield relics to help in this endeavor, all while attacking the opponent’s mages, who are trying to protect rifts of their own.


The Rüniverse: Orth vs. Thyst 2-Player Starter Set includes 90 cards, a Quick-Start Rules sheet, a tuck box (featuring Orth on one side and Thyst on the other), and all the counters and tokens two players need to play.

Cards Counters & Other Card Stock
12 Orth mages 6 L+1/L+2 counters
10-card basic Orth Dream deck 3 Sap counters
18-card randomized Orth Booster Deck 3 Charge counters
12 Thyst mages 2 Flame counters
10-card basic Thyst Dream deck 6 Guard counters
18-card randomized Thyst Booster Deck 6 Dream counters
10 Token cards 6 Location guide cards
1 Orth & 1 Thyst "coin" counter

Each Booster Deck contains 18 randomized cards in a mix of the main facet and the two "adjacent" facets. There are 9 commons, 6 uncommons, and 3 rares, with a chance for Star Variant versions of cards. Shuffle the contents of a Booster Deck with the facet's 12 mages to form a starter deck.

Ruby & Emry sample cards

How to Play

Each player brings a deck of 30 cards, including 12 mages and 18 cards in a combination of creatures, relics, and spells. Each player also has a Dream deck of at least 10 cards. Draw an opening hand of seven cards, and randomly choose a first player.

At the start of each of your first three turns, "open a rift" by placing two cards (called "bonds") from the top of your main deck face down at one of your three "locations." You can play a mage to your location, and the mage can be tasked to generate power, which is used to evoke creatures, relics, and spells to that location.

Attack your opponent's mages directly to break their bonds—and once you've broken them all, you'll win the game. But players can defend their mages by setting guards, or they can guard with their mages to protect their precious attackers! And broken bonds are cards that are added to your hand, so the option of guarding with a mage adds even further strategy.

Each Starter Set includes a Quick-Start Rules sheet with more information. That document and the Rüniverse Rules Reference (15+ pages in an easy-to-read glossary format, to answer all your questions!) are available as free downloads.

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Publish Date November 20, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Summon creatures at multiple locations for intense strategy
  • Gifts and the Dream deck ensure gameplay variety and options
  • Guards and engagement rules provide meaningful decisions


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  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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