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Tarot Dérive

Tarot Dérive is an experiment, which “swerves” away from traditional tarot deck construction.




Tarot Dérive is an experiment, which “swerves” away from traditional tarot deck construction in several ways…

There are 28 Trumps rather than 22. Besides the traditional Trumps, I have added, Initiation, Swerve, Syzygy, Maybe, Trickster, Enigma, Synchronicity and the Great Web.

The Synchronicity card was inspired by the work of Carl Jung. The Maybe card was inspired by the writings of Robert Anton Wilson, The trickster card was inspired by the Trickster archetype present in many traditions. The Initiation and Great Web cards were inspired by the writings and Nine Paths Tarot deck of Art Rosengarten. The Swerve (Clinamen) and Syzygy (Alignment) cards were inspired by the ‘Pataphysical theorizations of Alfred Jarry. The Enigma card was inspired by…the Enigma.

The dérive (drift) is a Situationist technique of looking at urban psycho-geography in non-ordinary ways, which results in drifts and swerves as one wanders toward unknown destinations using imaginary maps or no maps at all. The idea is to change one’s consciousness, to re-frame the familiar as unfamiliar, in order to refresh one’s perception of everyday experience.


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Publish Date March 20, 2016
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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The general idea in this deck is the notion of the ‘swerve’, or the notion of derailing the received teachings throughout the ages as to what the tarot is and what it isn’t. I embrace this swerve.

  • Tarot as GPS.
  • Breaks the image!
  • Takes you to a new place.

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