Newsletter: Linen, New Slider Clips, and Upcoming Events


Hello community!

It's only February, but 2016 has already been exciting! We've released huge new products and features like UV coating, laser cut chits, mix n match chits, and new chit types & standees. These things happened because you, the community, voted and told us what was important. And now, we're thrilled to announce that your #1 most popular product request is ready!  


Linen Cards and Components Are Now Available

We’re pleased to announce that we now have linen finished cards. But why stop at cards? When you enable linen finish on your game, everything from your cards to your box to your game board will get our professional linen finish! And you can do it with or without UV coating, but UV coating really makes it pop. Just go to “edit details” in your game and you can enable linen finish for $0.25 per sheet.

Protospiel Milwaukee is an extension of the popular series of Protospiel game design and development conventions. Amateur and established game designers get together to test and promote game prototypes in a supportive, cooperative environment. This casual event is based on sharing experiences and insight toward a goal of publishing games.

This is the 4th year for Protospiel Milwaukee and it will be held April 8th-10th. This year they are expecting over 100 attendees and our very own JT Smith will be one of them. He will bring the usual pile of prototyping goodies since The Game Crafter is sponsoring the event. 


New and Improved Slider Clips

We've replaced our existing slider clips with new and improved versions that were built just for the purpose of attaching to cards to mark scores, hit points, etc. We think you're really going to enjoy using these in your games!


The Game Crafter's Events Page

We love to support game conventions and indie board game designers around the world. We created our new events page so that everyone in our community can easily see the events that we're attending or sponsoring. Be sure to check our events list regularly to see if we'll be at an event near you.

To access our events page, visit or click "Help" on the main menu of our website and then type "events" in the search box.

Upcoming events:

March 4-6: Mike Warth and the Flatworks Gaming Team will be hosting a TGC Designer Table and representing our community at CincyCon.

April 8-10: JT Smith will be at Protospiel Milwaukee playing games and sharing a bunch of prototyping goodies as an event sponsor.

April 9-10: Tavis Parker will be at UNPUB 6 running a TGC exhibitor booth and sharing a bunch of prototying goodies as an event sponsor.


That's all for now, but March Madness is almost upon us... Stay tuned! 

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