Printed Components

This page serves as our product catalog and shows all of the printed game components made by The Game Crafter. Each product category below has a sample photo and links to more information about the individual products in the category. If you're looking for game pieces and parts, please visit our online parts shop.


Game boards give your game a professional feel.

product photo

Photo from Escape from Dino Island




Chits give heft to your game and are great for customizable tokens. Chits are printed on 60 point (0.06 inches) thick chipboard.

Photo from Zombies Forever


Decks of cards are a major staple in most modern games. They are printed double sided with rounded corners.

product photo

Photo from Four Tribes


Documents allow you to inexpensively add rules to your game. Check out booklets for a more professional option.

product photo

Photo from Road Kill Truckers


Mats are an easy and inexpensive way to make player aids and game play surfaces. Mats are printed on the same cardstock as our cards.

product photo

Photo from Infinite Space Explorers

Score Pads

Score pads are an easy way to keep track of complex mechanisms in games so that players don't have to remember quite as many things.

Photo from Zombies Forever


Screens allow players to take private actions while sitting around the table with other players.

product photo

Photo from Gem Traders


Shards are an inexpensive way to created printed tokens or resource counters for your game.

product photo

Photo from Combined Arms: European Assault


Stickers allow you to customize non-printable items like dice and wooden or plastic tokens. Don't forget to add the components to attach your stickers to from our selection of game pieces.

product photo

Photo from The Upside


Tiles give heft to your game and are great for dynamic game boards. Tiles are printed on 60 point (0.06 inches) thick chipboard.

product photo

Photo from Inca Rush