Ohio Game Design Competitions - AnCon 2014 (May 1st-4th)

Hello fellow game designers -

Are you looking for opportunities to showcase / playtest you game? Come on out to AnCon (May 1st-4th) and participate in InDeCom (the Independent Game Design Competition). It's a great chance to get your game in front of the game playing public, mingle with other designers, and win prizes!

More information:
Another Game Convention--InDeCom

Don't have a game to showcase, but you do have mad game designer skills? Flex your design muscle at AnCon's Iron Geek. This 4-hour event (Friday night) is run like an Iron Chef competition, except your are designing and presenting your game to a panel of industry judges. Challenge yourself, and win prizes!

More information:
Another Game Convention--Iron Geek

As always, any indie games can be run at AnCon with a waived ticket fee. AnCon is always looking for great new indie talent. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Benjamin Kanelos
Posted on 2014-03-05 17:57:43 by BKGameDesign
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