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5th Street Challenge


This contest is complete, and the winner has been chosen.

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5th Street Games is an indie board game publisher based in Salt Lake City with a steadily growing library of titles (nine and growing!). 5SG is looking for another game, and has once again turned to The Game Crafter.

All 5SG titles are quick-playing, easy-to-learn, and fun for gamers and non-gamers alike. Their games are targeted at families with players ages 8 or older.

Fun for gamers and non-gamers for 5SG means solid filler for gamers that can act as a good gateway game for a non-gamer. Think of a 5SG titles as bait for people new to the board game hobby that gamers will still enjoy playing.

All 5SG titles have a touch of whimsy and cartoonishness to emphasize games are supposed to be fun (Scottish Gentleman werewolves, living crops, things of that nature). The whimsical element can be in the mechanics, art, or (ideally) both.

All 5SG titles have some small element of 'take that' to help hook non-gamers that are more familiar with games such as Risk or Uno. The 'take that' shouldn't be overly mean-spirited as to knock a player out of a game, nor should it be the main focus of the game play.

All entries must comply with the following rules:

  • Game should play in 30 - 45 minutes, for ages 8+, for at least 2 - 4 players (more is okay, solitaire mode is okay, too).
  • The basics of the game should be teachable in five minutes. More detailed turn structure and such is fine, but the core mechanics should be conveyable quickly.
  • Card games are allowed, but board games are preferred.
  • Game size matters less than the game being fun with high replay value.
  • The game can be competitive or co-op. It cannot have a player elimination mechanic or turn loss.
  • The game must have a cost of $39.99 or less.
  • You are welcome to use any components available in The Game Crafter Shop.
  • A rules document or booklet must be downloadable from your game's shop page and must also be included in the game itself.
  • The game must be publish ready, meaning it has a logo, backdrop, shop ad, action shots, description, and cool factors. It must also have all images proofed, and have packaging (any of our boxes will do).
  • This must be a new game created for this contest. It cannot have existed on TGC prior to the contest.
  • All artwork must be your own, commissioned by you, licensed to you, or in the public domain.
  • All entries must be submitted through TGC's game editor (by clicking on the "Contests" button) no later than Noon UTC on September 1, 2014.
  • Contestants may submit multiple entries to this contest. Each entry will be judged separately.


Grand Prize: The winning game will be published by 5th Street Games!

2 Runners Up: 5th Street Spread. Every title currently available from 5th Street Games. (Castle Dash (TGC TITLE), Crow & the Pitcher, Farmageddon (TGC TITLE), My Happy Farm, Jungle Ascent, Baldrick's Tomb (TGC TITLE)). Also check out their latest kickstarter Ghosts Love Candy

Contest start date: {{wing.format_datetime(}}

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