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The Pericles Group, LLC presents a Learning Game Challenge

You must design a game where a playful environment creates an opportunity for understanding real world problems and issues.

Your game should have a clear learning objective (or objectives). How you achieve that objective is up to you: it could be obvious and apparent, or subtle. We are looking for games where the objectives align well with the game and its mechanics. We’ve found that the best outcomes are often achieved when a game’s play objectives align well with the learning objectives -- that is, by playing the game as designed, the players inherently demonstrate mastery of the learning objectives.

You are free to design for any audience and work under any genre of game, but you must be able to articulate the learning objectives of your game.

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing, you could design a game:

Kevin Ballestrini and Stephen Slota--co-owners, managers, and designers for The Pericles Group, LLC--will personally judge all entries.

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:


You retain all rights to your game and are welcome to sell it in our shop before, during, and after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

The first round of judging is handled by a community voting process. The final two rounds are handled by the judges. See complete details.


The winner shall receive all of the following prizes:

2nd place will win:

3rd place will win:

* Publication consideration will be discussed following contest adjudication. A formal commitment to automatically publish the winning entry would not be fair to the designer (as creator of the intellectual property) or the publisher (as the organization managing scaled production). If there is a good turnout for this contest and multiple entries merit publication, TPG will consider offering publication contracts to more than one participant (not exclusively to the first place winner).

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