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Solo Duo Challenge


This contest is complete, and the winner has been chosen.

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One and two player games are gaining more and more traction in the gaming industry. Games that can be played solo or with a friend or significant other are selling well and are opening up the hobby to people who either don’t have access to a group of people or simply prefer to play games alone or with only one other person.

In this contest, you must design a game that can only be played with one or two people. Some great examples are Lost Cities, Sylvion, Friday, 7 Wonders Duel, Mage Knight, Arkham Horror: the Card Game, Aeon’s End, and Nemo’s War.

Some of the above games go up to higher player counts but are best played with 1-2 players.

You are welcome to use any theme, mechanism, or component you like in your game.

The contest will be judged by Gabe Barrett of the Board Game Design Lab and Barrett Publishing. All the games in his Hunted Series are solo games with 2-player variants.

All games in this contest will be reviewed by Gabe and considered for publication.

Contest start date: {{wing.format_datetime(}}

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:

  • The game must be playable with only 1 or 2 players. (A solo game with a 2-player variant is fine. A 2-player game with a solo variant is also fine.)
  • You may use any printables or game pieces.
  • Play time should be no more than 75 minutes, once you've learned the game.
  • The game should be super thematic, and any theme is allowed. (Unique themes are encouraged.)
  • Though not explicitly required, a 2-minute overview video is highly encouraged.
  • All artwork must be your own, commissioned by you, licensed to you, or in the public domain.
  • A rules document must be downloadable from your game's shop page.
  • The total cost of your game must be less than $54.99.
  • The game must be publish-ready (as it relates to our shop, not as it relates to being finished). This means it has a logo, backdrop, shop ad, action shots, description, and cool factors. It must also have all images proofed.
  • This must be a new game created for this contest. It cannot have existed on TGC prior to the start of the contest.
  • All entries must be submitted through TGC's game editor (by clicking on the "Contests" button) no later than Noon UTC (6am US Central) on May 14, 2021.
  • Contestants may submit multiple entries to this contest. Each entry will be judged separately.

You retain all rights to your game and are welcome to sell it in our shop during and after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

The first round of judging is handled by a community voting process. The final two rounds are handled by the judge. See complete details.

After the community voting process, the judges will score the games looking for 3-7 finalists.

The winner shall receive all of the following prizes:

  • Potential publication by Barrett Publishing. (This applies to all games in the contest.)
  • A really cool custom made trophy shipped to the winner by Gabe.
  • $350 of shop credit on
  • Automatic Showcase status for their game on
  • The possibility of judging a future contest.
  • Induction into The Game Crafter Hall of Fame.

Semi-finalists, finalists, and the winner will all receive accolades for their achievements.

  • Experience (20%) - Does the game work as a 1 or 2 player experience? Does it make sense?
  • Fun Factor (20%) - Is the game fun? Does it have a theme and mechanisms that create a fun time?
  • Marketability (20%) - Does the game stand out in the marketplace? Will it entice people to buy?
  • Rules Clarity (20%) - Do the rules make sense? Are there helpful pictures and examples?
  • Shop Page (20%) - Does the page have a good description? Pictures that draw you in? A helpful video?

Click here to see what the judges had to say about the semi-finalists.

The finals will be judged via the rubric contained in this spreadsheet.

Finalist Scoring!

Finalist scored rubric

Finalist feedback

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