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Fall is upon us. The kids are headed back to school, the crops are ready to be harvested, and the leaves will soon be changing on the trees. It is about this time of year that I always think of the changing seasons, more than any other time of year. And that leads us to the premise for this contest. We want you to design a game where time is a resource to be managed. For example, where you can actually manipulate time, like you can in games like Red November. Other games for research include Chronos Conquest, Village, Seasons, and T'zolkin.

Perhaps you are a farmer performing your fall harvest, and instead of making a worker placement game, you have to choose where to put your time. Will you spend time getting your barns ready for a harsh winter, or will you harvest that last field of grain so you have something to sell?

Or instead maybe you run a scary theme park. Will you spend time cutting a corn maze, training more actors, building more props, or even an entirely new haunt?

Maybe you'll go far out and make a game about time lords bending time to their will. Or how about a game that allows you to go back in time a few moves/actions/turns to undo an unanticipated outcome?

To qualify, your game must comply with all of the following rules:

You retain all rights to your game and are welcome to sell it in our shop before, during, and after the contest, regardless of the outcome of the contest.

The winner shall receive all of the following prizes:

Good luck to everyone.

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