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Animal Puzzles Race family friendly card game

Complete animal puzzles to win! 12 boards, 48 cards. Fun for the whole family!

Embark on an enthralling educational journey with Animal Puzzles Race, the ultimate board game for the entire family!

Join the exciting race to discover funny animals as you match their colorful puzzle pieces. Challenge your observation and cognitive skills in this engaging and enjoyable card game.

Animal Puzzles Race offers much more than just entertainment; it provides an enriching educational experience! With its captivating animal-themed gameplay.

This family-friendly game promotes cognitive development for all ages and strategic decision-making. As players enjoy animal illustrations, they'll enhance their memory and problem-solving abilities.

Gather your loved ones and dive into the wild world of Animal Puzzles Race! Perfect for family game nights, perfect for family game time and learning sessions.

Ready to begin the adventure? Get your copy of Animal Puzzles Race at and unleash the educational fun today!

How to play:

  1. Distribute the panels evenly among the players.
  2. Place four piles face-down for each body part.
  3. The youngest player starts and draws a card from one of the four piles.
  4. If the card is needed to one of their panels, draw another card.
  5. If the card is needed to complete another's player panel, the player must place in the correct position and the turn ends.
  6. The first player to have all their animals fully completed wins the game.

Why buy this?

  • Wild fun for all! Puzzle your way to victory.
  • Create lasting memories in this educational game!
  • Develop observational skills and strategic decision-making




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Bridge Folio Set 1 set of 12 bridge folios component component
Business Deck 1 deck of 53 cards component component
Poker Tuck Box (108 cards) 1 component component

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