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Players compete to balance exploitation and conservation in an effort to save endangered species

Brink is a resource management game. Players compete to balance exploitation and conservation in an effort to save endangered species from the brink of extinction. The aim is to save as many species as possible by means of accumulating wealth through the collection of resources in order to then buy and conserve land. To collect resources, players must exploit the land, and potentially push species to extinction.

The board consists of 4 separate land types (Plains, Oceans, Mountains, Forests) containing 20 endangered species. Players compete to collect 6 different resource types: Food, Oil, Metal, Wood, Electricity and People.

Players must also consider the cost of the waste that they generate by exploiting lands and extracting resources.

The setup for the game is always randomized: The lands are arranged at random, in addition to the location of the endangered species; The resource cost to improve the efficiency of exploited lands is randomized; and the resource cost to move species, create habitat bridges and recycle waste is also randomized.

Players take the role of advisers to the Minister for the Environment - choosing when to approve requests for resource projects (receiving cutbacks for doing so) and choosing which companies to give the approved contracts to (owned by other players, or themselves). The role of the Minister is to conserve species, therefore the adviser that successfully enables the best conservation of species becomes the Chief Adviser to the Minister for the Environment, and so winning the game!

Website: BRINK

Download Rules for Brink (print copy) :

Why buy this?

  • For every game sold, $5 will be donated to WWF
  • Every game is randomized: each time you play will be unique
  • Manage land, resources, money and waste




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