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Castle Siege

Build your castle while bringing your opponent's to ruin!


Peace has ruled the land for decades. Unfortunately, boundary lines have become crossed, and now your neighbors are declaring all out war. You have no choice but to launch a full scale attack in: Castle Siege!

Castle Siege can be played without the use of a table, perfect for standing in line or waiting to be seated at your favorite restaurant. Build your castle, construct catapults, command archers, unleash a siege troll, and even lob fireballs at your opponent!

Video uses prototype cards. Final card designs below.


The goal is to have the most health remaining among all your Castle cards at the end of the game.


You play with your 8-card deck held in your left hand, and a Castle Keep card held between your pinky and ring fingers.



On your turn, you can look at the front two cards of your deck. You get two actions which can be used to do any of the following in any combination:

  • Play a card (max 1x per turn)
  • Use a card in play (max 1x per card)
  • Refresh a card (move a card to the back of your deck)


Play other cards into the space between your pinky and ring fingers (your bottom slot), between your ring and middle fingers (your middle slot), and between your middle and pointer fingers (your top slot).


When a card takes damage, rotate it 90 degrees clockwise that many times. The edge of the card furthest from you shows its current health.


Build towers to gain a height advantage over your opponent. Use Catapults and Siege Trolls to attack your opponent's castle. Then use Archers and Siege Towers to defend your castle. Build a Wall to protect your Keep, hurl fireballs, repair your damaged castle, and more!



The game ends when either player ends their turn with 0 cards left in hand. The player with the highest total health among all their Castle cards wins!



"It's a work of art just looking at it in the hand... it takes 'game-in-hand' to an entirely new level!" - Jason Tagmire, Button Shy Games


Winner of the Weapon X Award - Button Shy October 18 Card Challenge

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Why buy this?

"It's a work of art just looking at it in the hand... it takes 'game-in-hand' to an entirely new level!"

  • No table needed!
  • Fast-paced!
  • Big strategy in a small box!




Component Quantity Photo
Small Booklet 1 component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 16 cards component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 2 cards component component
Poker Tuck Box (36 cards) 1 component component

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