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Dragons with Rocket Launchers

A quick, light-hearted card game of trying not to get blown up by your fellow dragon

Dragons with Rocket Launchers is a simple yet intense game the entire family can enjoy! Who wouldn't want to see grandma wielding a rocket launcher?



During the game, players can launch rockets around the table or do other fun dragon things! When a Rocket Time card is played, all the rockets on the table activate! Here's what can happen:


If less than three rockets are pointed in your direction, they just soar on by like you don't even exist. bcbVQgU.gif

However, if three or more rockets are pointed at you, you're toast! Discard your hand and those rockets from the game. Don't worry though as soon the rest of the table will also be blown up! Rjqk4FQ.gif

Not so fast! you might be able to dodge the fleet of incoming rockets if you play the right card from your hand... 5kTSYJ9.gif

Avoid being blown up by shooting fireballs at rockets, using your dragon's breath to turn them around, or by simply flying out of the way! Be the last dragon standing to win in Dragons with Rocket Launchers! Then shuffle the deck and have a grudge match!

Consider backing today at the lowest price this game will ever be!

Why buy this?

  • You get to be a dragon... with a rocket launcher!
  • Super quick to set up and immensely easy to learn!
  • Play anywhere with a table and some friends!




Component Quantity Photo
Poker Deck 1 deck of 54 cards component component
Poker Folio Set 1 set of 1 poker folios component component
Poker Tuck Box (54 cards) 1 component component

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