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Place tiles to create the longest path possible in the game of Entanglement!

Gopherwood Studios

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The Entanglement Board Game Crowd Sale is now closed: a big thank you to each of you that supported the sale!

Create an elaborate garden labyrinth by placing one tile at a time, connecting a meandering path of twists and turns. How far can your path go? You'll have to see for yourself!

You're creating a spacious garden surrounded by Sakura trees, but you have a limited number of tiles to play. Create a longer path and a larger garden by winding through Sakura trees: each pass acquires additional tiles for your expanding garden.

Should you risk your limited tiles to set up a valuable move, divert your opponents' paths away from the Sakura trees, or focus on an easy path through another Sakura tree? Weighing what to pursue when provides a mental challenge for those who hope to master it.

For a bit more background on the game and crowd sale, check out our blog: Entanglement Board Game Crowd Sale!

Entanglement is inspired by the Entanglement browser game by Gopherwood Studios.

Why buy this?

  • Based on the popular Entanglement browser game.
  • Turn your friends into enemies with a carefully placed tile!
  • Fun for the whole family... ...unless you win every time.




Component Quantity Photo
Medium Hex Tile Set 1 set of 72 medium hex tiles component component
Large Retail Box 1 component component
Document 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Blue 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Green 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Orange 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Purple 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Red 1 component component
Avatar, Transparent, Yellow 1 component component

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10+ 15% $6.00 $33.99
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40+ 23% $9.00 $30.99
50+ 25% $10.00 $29.99
60+ 28% $11.00 $28.99
70+ 30% $12.00 $27.99
80+ 33% $13.00 $26.99
90+ 35% $14.00 $25.99
100+ 38% $15.00 $24.99
500+ 94% $37.76 $2.23
1000+ 94% $37.76 $2.23


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