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Hex survival

Try to be the last surviving hero. Find a way to save yourself from infection!

Hex Survival is a tactical game set in Moffee’s world (download the comic from the "downloads section" - at the bottom of the page). Use a mix of cards and strategy to trap, deceive, and stab your opponents. But beware, death is not the end: your pawns shall rise again as zombies under your command! Who will be the last non-zombie standing?

Eliminate all your opponents and be the last survivor.

Dr. Skelrt has trapped Moffee’s heroes in his laboratory-labyrinth, in order to complete his last masterpiece: the “perfect” Zombie. Infected by the green dust around them, our heroes will have to survive while keeping in mind that “every step brings them nearer to death”.

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The following people made this game possible:

Music: Luigi di Guida (
Game Concept: Gaetano Leonardi
Artwork: Gaetano Leonardi
Text Editor: Daniela Capulli
Text Translator: Daniele Giardini
Play Testers: Gaetano Leonardi, Daniele Giardini, Daniela Capulli, Andrea Venturi

Hex Survival ©2014 Gaetano Leonardi. All rights reserved.

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Why buy this?

  • A multitudes of different tactic choices in just 30 minutes
  • SIX heroes ready to kick their behinds
  • More than 20 unique pixel art cards




Component Quantity Photo
Small Pro Box 1 component component
Medium Booklet 2 component component
Micro Deck 1 deck of 48 cards component component
Poker Deck 1 deck of 32 cards component component
Invader Mat 9 component component
Card Stand, Black 6 component component
Card Stand, Red 6 component component

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