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I'll Take That!

An easy aquarium-themed card game of point collecting and player interaction.

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I'll Take That! is a quick, family-friendly card game where players compete to build the best aquarium. Aquire combinations of sea life that provide extra points and avoid those combinations that trigger penalties. And watch out if, just as you pick the perfect card, someone else snatches it away.

How To Play

Deal six cards face up to create the "shelf". Then, on each player's turn:

1. Roll the color die.


2. Select a valid card.

Pick a card with a color that matches what you just rolled, or take the top card from the deck. If you rolled grey, select any card from the shelf. Each card type appears in each of the five colors

3. Resolve the card.

Place aquarium cards (the ones with points) in front of you in your own personal "aquarium". There are 11 different aquarium cards, including

fish-mini.png Octopus-mini.png shark-mini.png Seaweed-mini.png

Take action cards (the ones without points) into your hand, to be used immediately or later on. There are 9 different action cards, including

Take2cards-mini.png Exchange-mini.png Illtakethatcolor-mini.png Noyouwont-mini.png

4. Refill the shelf.

At the end of your turn, replenish the shelf from the deck.

End of Round and Game

There are three Closing Time cards in the deck. When the second is revealed, the round ends. The player to first reach 200 points wins.


Graphic credits (attributed with permission): Freepik, Ultimatearm, Iconixar, Mehwish, Bloodline Mitha, Monkik, istar_design_bureau, Laisa Islam Ani, Vitaly Gorbachev, Ayub Irawan, Muhammad_Usman

Why buy this?

  • Build your aquarium with all sorts of sea creatures
  • Optimize points through card combinations
  • Interrupt your opponents and steal their cards




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Medium Booklet 1 component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 103 cards component component
Small Pro Box 1 component component
D6, Colors 1 component component

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