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A martial arts mind game.

Reach Out Games Inc.

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Two fighters, locked in an arena. Defend yourself with steady footwork — attack with measured strikes. Find the balance between strength, speed, and positioning to knock out your opponent.

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What is INYO?

INYO is a game of balance. A two-player abstract strategy game that represents a martial arts duel. Through innovative use of dice, this game captures the essence of combat sports like jiu-jitsu and judo, delivering exciting tactical gameplay with elegantly unfolding strategic depth; all packed in a small and simple box.

Discover Unique Combat

  • In INYO, your feet are dice, with the number and arrangement of pips representing your stance. Fight forcefully with more pips or be more maneuverable with fewer pips. Footwork is key.
  • INYO’s unique turn structure means that your decisions influence who takes the next action first. Each step is a trade-off between strength, speed, and positioning.
  • Win by knocking your opponent out of bounds or forcing them into submission. The trick is to set-up and launch powerful attacks without getting caught off-balance.


Engage in Strategic Gameplay

In INYO, you and your opponent will take steps with your dice. Each step is an opportunity to gain a more advantageous position: adjust your stance or land a hit on your opponent. When two dice are adjacent, a collision will occur. The player with more colliding pips throws their opponent. If tied in colliding pips, the player with more total pips performs a grapple.

Aim of the Game

Win by landing a hit that pushes your opponent out of bounds or forces them into submission.


Why buy this?

  • A 2-player strategic duel with a martial arts theme.
  • Take steps with your dice to knockout your opponent!
  • Inspired by strategy of chess & intensity of combat sports.




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Tall Booklet 1 component component
Custom Full Color 16mm D6 4 component component
Small Square Board Set 1 set of 1 small square boards component component
Medium Pro Box 1 component component
Disc, 15mm x 5mm, Red 1 component component

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