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Get a lil' hillbilly on the lily! Draw tiles to make Froggy bands!

Howdy, Y'all. M'buddy SeaBass calls me “Song-Froggy”, and so can you's all, if'n ya like. I'm wit ya today to do some splainin' on dis here game ya got yer eyeballs on. Now, you're gonna need some scratch paper and a crayon to keep score, just so's ya know. The whole durn point of the game is to get you the most points, and the simplest of folks ought to be able earn at least some, jes' needs a little learnin' is all. What ya gotta do is get you some frogs, what might have the best sound together. Once you done that, you set them up as a band, and now nobody can be a copy-cat and go makin' a band wit dat same sound. It ain't hard, and I'm gunna be here every step to walk ya through it.

Now, ya got two choices every time it's your turn; y'all can pick up a frog and maybe get you some points, or ya can set you up a band and get ye couple more points. The rulebook's the place to get filled in on the par-tic-u-lars, but we ain't in the rulebook right now, is we? (Y'all can go ahead and download dem right now.)

So some of these froggies is 'specially talented, and don't need no backup in they band. You just give'm a washboard or a gutbucket, and they'll be bustin' out a tune in no time. Most frogs, though, they got specific idears on who it is they wanna play with. They'll tell ya, easy enough, just by checkin' out the background on the picture. W'chever frog you choose to lead your band, he's the one you need to mind on that. Check out dem der Action Shots for a peek at what ya got comin' to ya here.

Game's simple enough, folks, but ya can get still get to strategizin' if'n you put yer mind to it. Uncle Cletus might ought like it on account of it being so simple, and ya know you mama gonna like it, cuz all dem cute lil' froggies. I 'spect you'll be pickin' dis'n up fore too long.

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That's something I've never seen before, so I'm really impressed with this... See what I'm saying, like that's ridiculously great.

  • Hoooooooeeey! I love me some frogs!
  • The PNP is free!
  • Fits easily in the trunk of any car!




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