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Split Trick

Compete with your opponent to collect treats but get too greedy and you’ll get haunted!

Game Overview

In Split Trick players compete to collect candies – Treat cards – in five suits. Treat cards have various points value and players try not to exceed the value of the Haunt card when collecting Treat suits. Otherwise, the Treat suit is haunted!

The game is played over a series of tricks and winning a trick allows a player to choose which Treat card to take first. After 3 rounds, players total the value of their collected Treat cards and haunted Treat suits score only half of their value. The player with the most points is the winner!

Split Trick is a quick and easy to get into trick taking game. The game is tactical in nature with lots of room for players to master.

The game comes with 3 additional modules that can be added:

  • In Co-Op mode players will collect treats together while trying to avoid the specter haunt.
  • The Special Treats will introduce a change to the game when they show up.
  • The Wild Tricks will add some flexibility to player hands but players will have to use them carefully.

Trick Taking tweaks

  • Trick taking game with a bust mechanism!
  • No single trump suit! Suits have hierarchical order that changes during gameplay and players can also manipulate.
  • Low trick cards have special abilities to them! This help players to mitigate a bad hand.

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Why buy this?

  • Quick and easy to get into trick taking game for 2 players!
  • Tactical game with rising tension until the very last turn!
  • Extra modules: Co-op mode, Special Treats and Wild Tricks.




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