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Strike Of The Pufferfish

A game where you, and other commanders, fight to become King with your army of Pufferfish.

Version Française: Strike Of The Pufferfish - Version Française

The kingdom of Puffgard has lost their king and needs a new one. You, and other commanders, are fighting to know: “Who will be the ideal King.” To know who it will be, you’ll have to prove yourself by forming the strongest army of the kingdom. Your soldiers will be: “Mutant Pufferfish.” The more of them you have in your army the more powerful your army will be. However, Mutant Pufferfish are unstable and require some of their kind to fight. The more of theirs there are, the more powerful they get. Puffgard needs you. Will you be THE king?


There is a total of eight different types of Mutant Pufferfish. Each of them represent a reference of pop-culture from different video games, films, and other universes.

Here's a pufferfish inspired of Superman, called SUPERPUFF! SUPERPUFFYEAH.png


Artefacts are some kinds of specials cards that have different level of power on them. If you play one of those cards at the same time, you can play the effect of power 1. If you want power 2, you'll have to play two cards at the same time, same thing apply to power 3. With only 4 different Artefacts, you have access to different strategies, with the same cards. What will be your strategy to maximize your advantage?

Example of an Artefact, the X Artefact:


There's two differents way to win:

The first, common way to way is: getting the biggest army / getting yhe most points. The second, more difficult way to win is: get all three crowns. There's a total of three crowns in the game. If you somehow manage to collect all of them, you instantly win, and become King of Puffgard.


You will never play the same game, each one of them will be a totally different experience. Will you become the new King of Puffgard? There's only one way to know...

Why buy this?

  • Different win conditions.
  • Specials "Special cards."
  • Pufferfish themed game.




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Poker Deck 1 deck of 108 cards component component
Poker Tuck Box (108 cards) 1 component component

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