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Tarotic Story Prompt Cards

Use these cards to inspire your storytelling or as Tarot cards for divination

Tea Silvestre Godfrey

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This deck was inspired by prompts developed for in-person storytelling circles specific for business owners. The idea is to draw a card at random while in the circle, and then tell a specific story related to that card. You could also use these to inspire blog posts, videos, webinars, and other content marketing stories.




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Silvestre-Godfrey has re-fashioned tarot principles and wisdom for the business world and brand storytelling. Quite an accomplishment and kudos are due Tea for her marvelous deck.

  • Tarot cards for small biz owners and marketers
  • Tarot cards for food lovers
  • Tarot cards for business storytellers




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Tarot Deck 1 deck of 78 cards component component
Tarot Booklet 1 component component
Tarot Tuck Box (90 cards) 1 component component

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