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The Devil's Dozen

A resource gathering game that allows you to purchase "Holdings" cards for Victory Points.

Moonreiver Games Ltd.

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In the year 1587 an act was passed for "the quieting and keeping in obedience of the disordeit and subjectis inhabitants of the Borders, Highlands, and Isles."

Along with this, a list of Clans, 13 Clans. 13 of the most notorious of the Border Reivers. In the game, you will play as one of these Clans. Collect Livestock, Crops, Followers, and Soldiers and use them to build your Clan's influence. With them, you will purchase "Holdings," land, Armies, and Strongholds, gaining you victory points. Gain the most victory points and become the most prominant Clan on the border.

As a Clan Chief, you will perform 1 of 2 actions on your turn: Gather Tokens or purchase Holdings. When purchasing Holdings you will also gain sheep for your pasture but beware, a Reiver is at first a theif. You or your neighboring Clans may conduct raids, stealing sheep from one another. Sheep are a valued resource and are worth victory points; a large flock could tilt the victory in your favor. Lastly: Each individual Clan has a unique ability drawn from the annals of history. The Devil's Dozen brings the history, hardships, fueds, and forays of the 16th Century Border life to the game table... from: Moonreiver Games




Why buy this?

  • Land, army, and strongholds symbolize your clan's might.
  • Conduct raids, stealing your neighbor's sheep.
  • Each Clan has a unique ability based on actual history.




Component Quantity Photo
Tarot Deck 1 deck of 13 cards component component
Large Booklet 1 component component
US Game Deck 1 deck of 13 cards component component
US Game Deck 1 deck of 60 cards component component
US Game Deck 1 deck of 22 cards component component
Medium Stout Box (Full Box Printed) 1 component component
Bull, Wood, Orange 15 component component
Herb, Yellow 15 component component
Meeple, Mini, Wood, Blue 15 component component
Meeple, Mini, Wood, Green 15 component component
Sheep 25 component component
Sword 1 component component

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